Monday, March 22, 2010

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Earps CD Cover WIP

This is the WIP background for a new CD cover I'm working on. More updates to come. :D


Working on some of the figures for the main cover. HOT!
I like where the neon is going, I'm sandwiching a multiply layer between the color and the neons and then erasing the 'glow' of the neons do give it kind of a 'board' effect and pump the depth a little more. I think dropping a particle texture on these with make them really pop in a retro way. :)

(don't worry, his hand is coming back. I decided a 'thumbs up' would work better than the actual hand the sign had.)

Marquee Sign is in the works. Laying down the type of highlights and overlays I want for it. Want that desert grunge with a little bit of that Vegas gaudy flair. :)

I felt somewhat weird drawing this. Keyword is 'felt'. Now I'm just laughing every time I add a detail. :)